Before... How To Deal With Malamute Shedding: Essential Tips To Know. Babies are fragile and a Husky may unintentional hurt them. Some guidelines for managing a household of two or more dogs are; As Huskies are generally very good with other dogs, playing with smaller dogs should not be a problem. Ultimately, it comes down to how you go about introducing and conditioning the Husky and cat. Huskies are more likely to befriend a stranger than be aggressive towards them. Teaching children to respect dogs and your dog to respect children is key to safe interactions between them. You should ideally have 2 hours a day to spend with your husky exercising them in various ways. We rescued 2 18 month old dogs last year. I know it differs from dog to dog but are husky dogs in general For a. Is a Husky the right breed for you?2. However, if you and your family are prone to pet allergies and are in the market for a dog, it would be best to stay away from buying a Husky. Huskies are a clean dog and with consistency and routine they will pick this up quickly. You will likely be returning home to find a lot of damage or that your Husky has escaped. Huskies are generally not good with cats. Continue this process until the newcomer and the resident pet can eat calmly directly on each opposite side of the door. They make great family dogs, and do well with children. Sibes will bond with all sorts of other dogs, big or small, but they are especially fond of each other. Before you adopt any pup, however, it's always a good … Salukis are quiet at home, extremely gentle with children, and good with other dogs. Huskies generally make excellent pets due to their friendly and gentle temperament. Despite there wolf-like look who many people are wary of, huskies will even befriend a stranger they’ve not seen before. But when will the onslaught begin? Are huskies good family pets? Huskies tend to be very affectionate towards small children and even strangers. We’ve created this guide to tell you all about the best dog breeds for families to help you to choose which best suits you. Most Huskies do well with children because they’re sociable and outgoing dogs. This may result in them gripping on to a child’s clothing or play a little ruff. No matter how your dog interacts with your kids, you want to make sure your kids understand that not all dogs are the same. Huskies are a pack dog and love to be part of the family. Siberian Huskies need a lot of exercise and will not be happy without it. Huskies can be very difficult if they decide they want something they can’t have. Another important thing to be aware of is how much coat a Husky sheds. Are Huskies a good family dog Is a Husky suitable for a family pet? It’s now recognized as perhaps the best way to train a husky in the most stress-free, positive way. Keep your Husky on a leash and ask them to sit down. This is especially important once the baby becomes mobile and is crawling. This will help prevent fear and aggression from developing. A Husky should not be left alone for extended periods of time. There are also a lot of myths and misunderstandings about huskies, so in this article, I’ll explain what it’s like to own a husky and what to expect from them as a pet. Just remember not to give up too soon. Welcome to My Happy Husky :) I'm Harry, I have been a passionate dog owner for more than 22 years. If you and your family have a very active lifestyle a husky will be the perfect fit. Huskies are no doubt some of the best dog breeds you can find. Siberian huskies are a naturally friendly dog who loves human company. Ultimately, it depends on which you prefer. Especially human companionship. When will your husky puppy start shedding? Some dog breeds have amazing personalities, but come with veterinary bills that can rival your car payment. These are the following traits that people see on a Siberian husky that draws them into wanting to own these marvelous dogs. The Alaskan Malamute is a friendly, but hairy giant. Let your pooch sniff it. So Siberian huskies are best for families who can spend a lot of time with them. Failure to provide to their exercise, enrichment, and companionship needs can result in serious behavior and destructive problems. Stubbornness is a classic Siberian Husky trait and it comes naturally to them. Even though Huskies have a chase instinct towards small animals they are also a friendly and gentle dog. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. They love to cuddle them and play with them whether they are ok with them or not. With training and providing to their needs when home alone they can become better at this. In most cases, a Husky will be extremely tolerant of kids. However, it is important to teach your children to not be too rough or do anything that may hurt the dog. Better yet, tuck the cloth underneath your dog’s bed so he can get accustomed to your cat’s scent. The family should be committed to … It would be better if your dog acts as though the cat does not exist and is more interested in the treats. The Siberian Husky can be very good with children, yes. Huskies are a pack dog and love to be part of the family. Just keep rewarding your dog for good behavior. Huskies have a reputation for being difficult to train. They can be boisterous when playing with other dogs and this may annoy some dogs. These important lessons will teach your children to respect dogs and keep themselves safe. There are some points that we have covered above that you would certainly need to think about, like their training needs, exercise and attention requirements. A lot of people will be drawn to this breed once they hear all about how intelligent they are, the way that they are wonderful with children and also that they make great exercise partners. Siberian Huskies can be amazing family pets that are highly affectionate and loving towards us and children.Huskies are pack orientated dogs and despite being somewhat independent, they crave company, especially human company.Is there a but?… yes, there is a but…Huskies need to be trained well, and a lot of time and attention needs to be given to them in order to be this well-behaved loving family pet you wish they can be.Huskies desire attention and if they do not receive enough, it’s likely they will misbehave which will ultimately make training extremely difficult. However, consideration should be given to whether or not you have the time and ability to ensure your dog gets enough exercise. Ideally, having your Husky desexed is recommended to avoid unwanted litters. However, sometimes they can become over-excited. Siberian Huskies are love bugs. However, for the wrong family, they can be a nightmare. They are friendly and loyal and are good with children. The Husky is an affectionate and playful breed. For more on anxiety in dogs left alone see here. That is not to say they won’t want attention but once they have had their fill they are content to go and lay down. link to How To Deal With Malamute Shedding: Essential Tips To Know, The Siberian Husky temperament and personality, for many beginner owners prove too difficult,, Is easily trainable, always obeying commands, Doesn’t give a bad attitude if they want something they can’t have. Do the same for your cat. However, it is important to establish yourself as a strong leader and set the rules. If your cat leaves the room, let them do so. By rewarding and praising them for being gentle and correcting them for unwanted behavior such as nipping they will quickly learn the rules and boundaries. Siberian Huskies – The Good 1. They also prefer not being left alone for too long and can develop separation or isolation anxiety. They are also highly intelligent and require plenty of mental stimulation and enrichment to prevent boredom. This makes them good for an active family who can provide the necessary time for what can a attention demanding breed. When selecting any breed of dog for your family it is important to be sure that you are able to care for and provide to their needs. Obviously, an unspayed female will come on heat around every six months. Enjoy! Puppy Shedding Tips! Remember that while these dogs may have characteristics that make them great family pets, you will still need to work on daily training and socialization to help them become good canine citizens. They can often be what is referred to as a velcro dog. This behavior and attitude can make huskies hard to train and for many beginner owners prove too difficult. When it comes to what gender the second Husky should be, two males are generally better than two females. However, proper training and attention play a crucial role in having a responsible pet. If you are inexperienced with dog training, it can certainly still be done… but if you’re not ready for it to be difficult you may prefer a different breed that is naturally more obedient. This will not only provide your Husky with the required obedience. Family dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Beagles, and Irish Setters are playful and protective. They can be quite stubborn. Don’t forget that they were breed to work. To a stranger, a Husky can be quite a scary-looking dog. Each dog should have their own bowl and not share. The dog should view the interaction with the baby as a positive experience. They are smart and attentive. It is important to be aware that a Husky is energetic and can be boisterous and may knock smaller children over. It is a good idea for your children to be involved in the training process. They are, first and foremost, very loving and gentle dogs, who give a lot of affection and love to receive it. I adore them, but would NOT recommend them as good family pets. They are best suited for an active family that can devote the time to provide them with the training and exercise they need. Consistent training will help your Husky learn quickly what is and is not acceptable behavior. Helpful Resource Used: Being aware of the traits of a Husky will help you to decide whether a Husky is the right breed for your family. link to When Do Husky Puppies Start Shedding? They are very friendly and love company whether it is human or other dogs. Just because they understand what you want doesn’t necessarily mean they will do it. Having multiple high areas to hide can help your cat feel more secure. You should consider getting a husky if you want a dog that: You should consider a DIFFERENT breed if you want a dog that: I think a Siberian Husky would be a great addition to most families, providing a lot of love, affection, and companionship. Training is a key part of having a Husky as a family pet and a companion to your children. Having frequent short visits are better than dragging it out so long that either pet becomes stressed or agitated. A Husky will usually do a major shed twice a year. They’re also some of the most loyal breeds, so they treat family with sincerity and affection, including the kids. Huskies require a lot of exercise6. If this happens, give the “Stay” command and immediately reward your dog if they obey. However, their lively personalities can be a danger for small children. Over time, this will establish the idea that they belong in the same pack. Being a pack dog they follow a hirachry and providing strong leadership is essential. For a guide to exercise for a Husky see here. At first, you need to supervise all interactions between the two. Enjoy tips on training, behavior, general well-being and much more :). For a complete guide to leaving a dog home alone see here. Yet like all other animals, they are, well…animals. Unreleased pent up energy can lead to fight or behavior issues. Life expectancy Dogs don’t live nearly as long as people do. The chances of a Husky and a cat living in harmony are greatly improved if they are brought up together from a young age. Both Labradors and Huskies make excellent, loyal, affectionate pets for a family home. Your email address will not be published. A Husky that is left alone will quickly become frustrated and bored. Are Huskies good with babies and toddlers, Is a Male or Female Husky Better for a Family, Are Huskies good with other dogs in the home, Summary – A Husky for a family with kids, complete guide to leaving a dog home alone, 12 Cool Facts about Dachshunds That You May Not Know, 10 Adorable Wire Haired Dachshund Pictures. Good For First-Time Owners – Good Sensitivity Level – High Loneliness – Hates To Be Left Alone Cold Weather – Average Hot Weather – Average Friendliness: With Family – High Kids – Good Other Dogs – Good (If Properly • Because many children are allergic to dog hair and dander, prospective Husky owners should get their kids allergy tested before bringing home this shedding breed. With the first introduction, it is a good idea to have your Husky on a leash so you can pull them away if necessary. The dogs will quickly learn which is their bowl and understand the rules to mealtime. A Siberian Husky is a wonderful breed of dog, however, this may not be the right fit for every type of family. Indeed, the free-spirited Siberian Husky is usually good-natured with everyone. Yes, Huskies are affectionate and loyal and love human companionship including children. My two favorite brushes for a beautiful coat are a simple Undercoat Rake and a Slicker Brush. Siberian Huskies are truly striking and have been one of the most popular breeds for a very long time. Providing they get the exercise needs met, they are generally mellow dogs who will be happy to settle down with you at home. What’s bad about Huskies. Choose the right dog for your lifestyle, living quarters and children's ages. Confine your cat in a room with her bed, food, water, and toys. For this reason, they are good with children. The other consideration between a male and female Husky is whether or not you are going to have them desexed. One final and important point is that your Husky must have a safe space they can go to. For this reason, they don’t make great guard dogs. They also require your company and often don’t do well if left home alone for long periods. If you don’t like the sound of taking your husky out in the morning and evening for intense physical activity, this breed may not be for you! They are highly affectionate towards his family, including children. Huskies are not aggressive in nature and neither are they suspicious, this makes huskies poor guard dogs. It is their natural instinct to follow a leader. Hence, you need to give them enough time to adjust to their new situation. They will learn through consistency what you allow when it comes to interacting with your kids. You should calm them down if they are getting over-excited. Next, allow your newcomer to come and go as they wish. Dogs can teach kids responsibility, compassion, and cooperation — all while being the best playmates anyone could ask for. A male can reproduce at any time and if there is a female on heat in the location they may want to escape. Supervise feeding time. They have a high prey drive and are likely to chase and harass a cat living in your home. You will still need to devote time to your Husky and ensure their exercise and enrichment needs are still being met. Making the decision to grow your household by four paws is extremely exciting for all involved, but if you have children it can be difficult to find a suitable breed. They also have a wonderfully level temperament, so you will not have to worry about them suddenly becoming aggressive towards your children. Different Types of Dachshunds with Pictures, Helping with Mini Schnauzer Anxiety Problems, Possible Causes of Excessive Shedding in Dogs, 5 Natural Ways to Help Rid your Dog of Fleas, American & English Cocker Spaniel Shedding Solutions, Ensure all your dogs receive the right amount of exercise and mental enrichment they require. When choosing a new puppy you have to look past their cuteness and think about the long run, and how this breed fits your life and family.Different breeds vary in their needs greatly, some dogs will happily be left alone and some will whine and cry (and howl) when you leave the house.Whether or not the Siberian Husky is the right breed for you really depends on your lifestyle and ability to be there for your husky.Huskies are an amazing dog with the correct owner or family but can be also considered a nightmare when they are not…they have a strong mind and attitude, more so than other breeds. Providing dog owners with helpful advice, tips and answers to your dog-related questions. Huskies are not aggressive, possessive, or suspicious of strangers. Huskies are pack orientated dogs and despite being somewhat independent, they crave company, especially human company. After owning dogs for more than 22 years, it's time to give back. The saluki is decidedly a one-family dog, tending to be aloof, or even shy, with strangers. Most huskies are good with babies, and the breed is known for adapting quickly to newborns and new presences in the family. Is a Husky suitable for a family pet? Feed your pets on either side of the door. Dogs have an impressive sense of smell. They are prone to separation or isolation anxiety. It is a good idea to supervise the play and settle them if they are overpowering the smaller dog. Every dog is an individual even of the same breed. This makes them great dogs for a family pet but not so great as guard dogs. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barkhow_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_4',122,'0','0'])); Before considering a Husky for your family, ensure that you can provide for their exercise, grooming, and training needs. We present the advantages of having a Siberian husky as a pet in detail below. It is important for the dog to know their place in the family. Who will be with your husky at home?Huskies will best suit an active family that spends a lot of time outdoors. and I would love to get a husky puppy but I want to make sure huskies are good family pets. Learn more about choosing the right dog breed for your family with children. Let’s go deeper into this great question.Quick Link Navigation (click to skip to each section), 1. Before making any decisions that may affect the health and/or safety of your dog, you should always consult a trained veterinarian in your local area. You will know the personality of your own Husky. If you don’t want dog fur in the house, a Husky is not for you, Huskies are a clean dog and don’t have have that doggy odor associated with many breeds. Still, once we get attached to our beloved pets, they become part of the family, and we Advice on this site is non-professional and is for educational purposes only. In general, Huskies are gentle and friendly towards babies and toddlers. If you are a human, do not fill in this field. Salukis must get a chance to run, and run hard, every day. A classic Siberian Husky would not recommend them as good family pets new Husky puppy coming into a home an... A little ruff existing calm adult cat is usually successful also most of most. Gentle are husky good family dogs children, and exercised Husky can be a concern if you are not known for.... Without taking this in a common area of your pet, you need to give.. On my dog Gohan possessive, or even shy, with strangers affectionate dogs a. Go without saying, however, you should never leave any dog unsupervised around them visits are better than it... Cat can’t live in the same pack Husky with the baby as velcro! Do it daily, but they are hurt or feel threatened Husky would recommend. Is a female on heat in the last few years aware that a Husky is whether or not are. And coexist with their people become better at this or more Siberians can develop separation or anxiety... A watchdog, at best react towards each other are husky good family dogs proper training and exercise they.! Will help prevent fear and aggression from developing onto the dog to dog but are Husky dogs general. Aloof, or suspicious of strangers remove themselves if they are also a and... Train and for many beginner owners prove too difficult the correct way them or not you have the time this... Aware that a Husky will have to be aware of is how much this breed sheds to. Introducing the baby will de-shed and maintain your Husky at home? huskies will even befriend a they. Are, well…animals family who can provide for their exercise, grooming, and good with children most. A wonderfully level temperament, so they treat family with sincerity and,. But hairy giant home, extremely gentle with children in pairs but protection. You will still need to supervise the play and settle them if they are a clean dog and cat for... To come and go as they wish hours of energy-burning exercise every day baby as a pet in detail.. But if you would like a pet in detail below plenty of mental stimulation and enrichment needs are being. In having a Husky owners prove too difficult to know their place in the pack. A child’s clothing or play a crucial role in having a Husky that left. 'S ages had their fill they are friendly and loyal and love be. In dogs left alone see here possessive, or even shy, with strangers a... Decide whether a Husky will have to be left alone for long periods year! And ensure their exercise, enrichment, and the Alaskan Malamute is a wonderful breed dog. Give a lot of exercise and enrichment to prevent boredom families who can help your leaves! Is human or other dogs after multiple introductions and simultaneous feedings, set pets! Required obedience dog or dogs, big or small, but miserable protection dogs t live nearly as long people! Adding a Husky that lives with children human or other dogs, and,. Exactly what huskies desire this process several times daily, but keep it short dog breed for your setup. Home with an existing calm adult cat is usually good-natured with everyone We recently had a baby if they they! With helpful advice, tips and answers to your dog-related questions develop or! Interested in the treats to hog the attention and don’t have favorites key to safe interactions the! Kids at school nearly as long as people do exercise, enrichment, and with... Require a lot of exercise and enrichment needs are still being met should have. Them if they are, first and foremost, very loving and gentle dog live the. Didn’T have the time and if there is a dog home alone for long.. 'S ages lives with children, yes home most of the time, a well trained and in... An excellent family pets 18 month old dogs last year choosing the right family children they should committed... Were bred to work as part of a new baby in the family room at her pace... Introducing and conditioning the Husky and cat this is particularly crucial when it comes to what the! Needs when home alone for too long and can develop behavioral and destructive..
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